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Statement Regarding US History Texts

Dear Students and Parents:

We are grateful to those who called attention to the egregious and unacceptable language in our history textbook regarding slavery.  The offending course, including that passage, have been immediately removed from our curriculum, and we are ensuring that our new history texts are accurate and not ‘whitewashed.’  Further, we sincerely apologize for not recognizing it ourselves, and for any emotional offense or harm it may have caused.

Those of us in education say that it is truly a lifelong process, and for us, this was clearly a ‘teachable moment,’ that we will be using to fullest advantage.  To that end, we commit to 1) an in-depth review of all of our textbooks and teaching materials, by a diverse group of educators, to ensure there is nothing else that needs to be addressed; and 2) a thorough vetting of any new materials introduced into our system, to ensure they meet our high standards for diversity and inclusion, as well as the truth.

Northridge Learning Center has always been proud that we help a large and diverse population of students get the credits they need to graduate and be competitive in the workforce.  But, pride alone isn’t enough.  Today, now, this means action.  This moment has changed the way we look at the world, think about it and our place in it.  We can do better!

We thank our students and their families for their belief in us, their belief we can do better, and we will do our best at every level to honor that sacred trust that is education.


Northridge Learning Center