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Looking for a tutoring program to help your child improve math skills or boost reading scores? Are you interested in getting your child in a summer reading program? Northridge Learning Center/Dorius Academy's Tutoring Services is the solution to your child's needs. 

One-on-one homework help is available to all ages for all subjects. Signup today and get your student the help they need to achieve their academic dreams.

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Math English History Economics Geography
Mathematical Essentials Language Arts, Grade 9 U.S. Government Financial Literacy Geography For Life
Mathematics of Personal Finance Language Arts, Grade 10 United States History II
Common Core Mathematics, Secondary I Language Arts, Grade 11 Fine Arts and Criticism
Common Core Mathematics, Secondary II Language Arts, Grade 12
Common Core Mathematics, Secondary III
Electives Physical Education Science Technology
Shakespeare Fitness For Life Biology Computer Technology
The American Civil War Health Education Chemistry
American Short Stories Participation Skills and Techniques Earth Science
European Short Stories
Folklore and Fairy Tales
Great Explorations
Gunfights and Outlaws


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