Proctor360 FAQ

What is Proctor360? - Proctor360 is integrity and authentication software that monitors you during your exam. Proctor360 records the test taker and their screen while they are taking the exam to ensure academic integrity is maintained for all test takers.

Do I need Proctor360 to take my final? -  Yes, you need Proctor360 to complete the final exam. When all the coursework in Canvas has been completed along with the academic integrity quiz, the final exam will become enabled. Once you are ready, click on the final exam in Canvas and you will be guided through the process of getting through Proctor360 system checks and into your exam. 

Steps you will be walked through after you have clicked on the final exam

  1. Scheduling you exam
  2. Downloading the Proctor360 Chrome extension
  3. System checks (Camera check, microphone check)
  4. Face scan
  5. ID scan
  6. Screenshare
  7. Auto populated code
  8. Seeing the final exam

What if I forgot to show my ID during the Proctor360 ID scan when attempting the final exam? - If you did not show your ID in front of the camera during the Proctor360 setup we will have no way to verify the test taker. If this happens you will not receive credit for the course until you email a picture of your ID to

What if I click on the final exam but then get stuck during the Proctor360 system checks or screen share? - If at any time you are experiencing technical issues with Proctor360 and getting to your exam please fill out a ticket with Proctor360 using this link

How do I schedule my exam? - After you click on the final exam it will prompt you to schedule the exam to take it online in canvas. Once your exam is scheduled you have 24 hours from your scheduled date and time to complete the exam. If for any reason you are having trouble scheduling the exam in canvas or you miss your exam date and time (24 hours has run out) please give us a call and choose option 2 for our IT department.

How many attempts do I get at the final exam? - You only get one attempt at the final exam. If you do not receive 60% or higher on the exam a re-test will need to be purchased online or at one of our locations for $10.00.

What if I don’t pass the exam two times? - If you have taken the final exam two times without receiving over a 60% for either attempt then you will need to complete at least one hour-long tutoring session before you can take the final exam again. For tutoring information please come into our Layton location or call us and choose option 3 from the prompt menu for our tutoring department. 

How long does it take for my school to receive my transcript with my grade? - Once the final has been completed and the workbook has been turned in, students can expect to have their transcripts sent to the school within 5-7 business days.