Our SLC address is 4190 Highland Dr. Ste. 111, Millcreek, UT

Final Exam


Final exam instructions can be found when logged into canvas at https://nlcda.instructure.com/courses/430/files/46965

For all testing technical issues please fill out a ticket regarding your issue at: https://support.proctor360.com/help/365012637

Proctor360 is now enabled for 24/7 online test proctoring!


Please refer to the Academic Integrity Policy below.

 The requirements to take your final exam on Canvas using Proctor360 are: 

  • Access to a desktop/laptop/Chromebook (Tablets and Cell Phones are NOT compatible) Note: Typically school Chromebooks will not work for taking the final exam as these have admin blocks for downloading the Proctor360 chrome extension needed to take the final. 
  • A web camera
  • Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser
  • Photo ID (permit, driver's license, passport, school ID) 

If you have any issues regarding your final exam please call our office at 801-776-4532 option 2 for Canvas, testing, and Proctor360 issues. You can also email us at info@nlcda.net


What to do with your workbook after you take your exam?

 Workbooks are required to be 100% complete and delivered to our offices for scoring and course completion.

  • Make sure your NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, and SCHOOL are on the front of your workbook!
  • If your workbook is incomplete or has unacceptable responses your workbook will be sent back for correcting.


Upon the workbook being scored and the course being completed, your course credit will be sent to your school.

Academic Integrity Policy

Northridge Learning Center takes academic integrity very seriously. Cheating is a dishonest behavior that provides students with an unfair advantage. Cheating includes plagiarism, impersonation, falsification of documents, etc. To ensure the integrity of our program, NLC uses Proctor360, which records a video of each student's exam session and computer screen and notifies us of anything that looks suspicious. NLC will review the recording of any flagged exam sessions. If it appears the student cheated while taking the exam, the student’s parent/guardian and counselor will be notified, and the student will be required to write a letter of apology and will have to schedule a retake exam, in person, at our Layton location.

What is considered cheating?

  • Using your textbook or any other materials, for example, hidden notes, while taking your exam. (Calculators and blank scratch paper are allowed for math tests).
  • Using your phone or another device to look up answers.
  • Asking another person for help either in-person, via telephone/text, or any other external communication tool, or through social media.
  • Having someone else take your exam for you.
  • Having someone provide answers to you.
  • Screen sharing with another person who assists the student in finding answers.
  • Searching online for answers.
  • Leaving the exam session to "take a break" to look up answers.
  • Any sharing of exam content with other students.
  • Hacking correct answers through programming and coding.
  • Plagiarism - using online resources to copy and paste answers.